Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Trifecta Margarita, Anyone?

Today there are three major events happening, are you ready to celebrate all three? I certainly am, its been a loooong week and I'm ready to be moon gazing while sippin' a Margarita in a huge outrageous hat :)

A Super Moon happens around once a year. Your chance is tonight to check it out. A Super Moon appears about 30% larger then a normal full moon. Happy Moon Gazing.

Every May the Kentucky Derby Takes place in... you guessed! KENTUCKY, at the Beautiful Church Hill Downs Racetrack. This is the 138th race, so grab a traditional Derby Mint Julep Drink and enjoy the fastest, 'most exciting two minutes' in sports

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Nope, its not just a day to grab Margaritas... but no one will judge if you do! Its a day to Celebrate Victory for a Mexican Army that was outnumbered in the year 1862 almost by half its size. Hey, don't under estimate the little guy! and if anyone asks today its NOT Mexico's Independence day... that's it September. 

Happy Super Moon, Kentucky Derby, and Cinco de Mayo Everyone! NOW you can go get your Margarita! 


  1. Wow! the moon looks amazing! I'll be checking out the moon tonight. Have a great time celebrating!

  2. New fan from The Etsy Blog Team. Too bad I missed seeing the moon last night, that picture truly is stunning! I hope you had a great Cinco de Mayo, I know people here in Texas go crazy over it. :)

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