Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Romantic Vintage

There is something so romantic about listening to older generations tell childhood stories. I absolutely love looking through photographs of the past, seeing history. No matter what the subject, it just always seems more glamorous when things are vintage. I'm now obsessed with the show American Pickers on the History Channel . The 2 guys on the show have an awesome job... they travel through the back country of america  seeking out history from peoples basements and garages, its such a great show to check out!

American Pickers; Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz
1950's shoes by Roger Vivier. Image by Masayuki HayashiStock Image: Gumball machine from an old store in 1950. Image: 15292631
Red Rotary Dial Telephone Vintage Phone
Pinned Image
Blue cat eye glasses 2 tone vintage cateye eyeglassesCoffee Pot, Vintage Enamelware,  Graniteware Pot, French Blue - Splatterware - Blue and White
50s dress - clementine shimmer party dress

1970, car, cityscape, flower, pink, vintage

polka dot heels
gumball machine
VW van
green stove
american pickers
pink toy chevy
red telephone
eye glasses
coffee pot
vintage pink dress

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  1. I agree. I love hearing about my grandparents' childhoods. Life was so different back then compared to now that it is nice to hear something different. Love the pink dress!